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Blockchain Messenger with built-in decentralized messenger bank, cards, crypto-wallets & exchanges

DEBITCoin allows members to communicate with each other,
instantly send funds and cryptocurrencies, issue/receive loans online, trade on exchanges and earn Money.



DebitCoin is an entirely decentralized open source worldwide currency, without any central authority. No traditional bank or financial institution will be managing, controlling or verifying your transactions.

You Are Now In Total and Private Control of Your Financial Destiny.

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Windows 32

Windows 64


We are in the process of integrating with the Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype APIs/SDK which gives us access to a pool of over 2 billion users to fuel our ecosystem and get our 1 Billion Coins in circulation and active usage.


our roll out plan

Phase 1 (Nov 2017 to Feb 2018):

  • P2P Private Encrypted text and audio messages, audio and video calls, group conferences;
  • Messenger-exchange service, where participants can buy and sell cryptocurrencies within the platform;
  • Offer seamless exchange between fiat and crypto currencies
  • Open Source Code for the Platform to allow 3rd party integration and collaboration;

Phase 2 (March 2018 to August 2018):

  • Enhanced Global KYC/AML : Highest level of compliance, bank grade KYC onboarding with enhanced biometrics and multi-factor authentication;
  • Messenger will offer individual international bank account numbers (IBAN) which can accept and make payments in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Faster Payments in the United Kingdom and EFT in Canada;
  • Securing international banking licensing to connect to legacy banking systems;
  • Achieve issuer and acquirer status with major payment card schemes;
  • Achieve issuer and acquirer status with availability of major payment card schemes Invite 3rd party lenders to the network: large lending capacity;
  • Messenger Bank AG Switzerland is to be registered with a Full Banking License (approx August 2018).

Proof of Message

The proof of sending the message, Proof-of-message (PoM) is an innovative method of confirming transactions, in which the probability of the user forming a block in the blockchain is proportional to the share that is sent by that user the number of messages from their total number. This will be an added layer of rewarding and incentivizing usage of the platform every time blocks are formed or validated. Please stay tuned for detailed updates on this new breakthrough concept we are developing.


  • Within 3 months the messenger will integrate a multi-currency wallet, where participants can store any cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, any altcoins and all ERC20 tokens)
  • Issued DEBITCoin tokens are tied to the VISA/MasterCard which are built-in into DEBITCoin Messenger
  • Holders of issued DEBITCoin tokens can use them for any purchases andcash withdrawals in ATM from VISA/MasterCard cards with no need to sell the tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers
  • The launch of a messenger-exchange is expected where participants can exchange crypto-currencies among themselves and also change them to fiat and electronic money.
  • It is planned to launch the exchanger on the popular Shape Shift platform.
  • Using DEBITCoin you can communicate, transfer money and make financial transactions with subscribers of other instant messengers: Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram

What is debitcoin

  • DEBITCoin is a decentralized platform crypto-currency tied to integrated in the messenger VISA/MasterCard, used to pay for services the platform itself, compensating to ecosystem participants for the services they provide and performing any transactions in the system and outside it through payment cards.
  • Crypto currency can be used for any purchases from VISA/MasterCard, withdrawal of cash, international transfers to anywhere in the world, sell on the exchange, exchange offices. At present, work is under way to fully decentralize the DEBITCoin application, all communications, business processes and financial transactions of participants will be carried out through the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The DEBITCoin tokens are issued under Ethereum blockchain smart-contract
  • DEBITCoin tokens are not subject to inflation because are to be burned after any transaction from VISA/MasterCard which tokens are tied to, that's why a whole amount of tokens constantly decreases

$ 500

Each buyer purchased tokens of amount of $ 500 or more will receive a DEBITCoin GOLD (18K Gold Plated)

DEBITCoin GOLD is a multicurrency wallet for cold storing up to 5 private keys from Bitcoin, altcoins and Ethereum ERC-20 standart tokens. The device reliably protects users' wallets from viruses, malware and locks. Multi-proof DEBITCoin GOLD wallet is the safest wallet for your cryptocurrency. It provides you with the best protection and convenience, so anyone who is not even familiar with the crypto-market can reliably protect their crypto assets.

DEBITCoin GOLD with any amount of crypto-currencies loaded into it can be transferred to any other person as a cash asset.

Always stay in touch worldwide

Make video and audio calls to your relatives and friends absolutely safely and free of charge from any place in the world

Our Vision

Our mission is to bridge the gap between digital and fiat currencies by providing a decentralized mobile messenger with built-in blockchain bank. Messenger bank that is easy to use and accessible to a wide range of demographic. Unlike many blockchain type of services, DEBITCoin is on a mission to have vast majority be able to use cryptocurrencies as they do with fiat currency by providing quick enrollment, safe and compliant onboarding, easy to use features and seamless exchange between crypto and fiat with push of a button. DEBITCoin features will include a wide range of traditional banking services on top of secured P2P-Messenger!

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